Bryan Freeman

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We provide support to patients to enhance their dental experience and strive to deliver the best cutomer service for all of our patients. By over seeing key staff performance, we ensure the best possible practices are used to create a great patient experience.

Bryan D. Freeman
Dr. Freeman played soccer throughout high school and college. After finishing at Murray State, he left for the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry and completed his studies in 2010 graduating Cum Laude. While in school, he received awards from The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and The American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry for excellence in cosmetic procedures. He is the proud husband of Brea Freeman and the father of three boys and one girl, Braxton, Brennan, his twin brother Brady and their sister Brynlee.
Message From Dr. Freeman:

Hello! Let me begin by thanking the people of Paducah and surrounding areas for making me feel welcome and continuing to show me hospitality each and everyday. It feels amazing to have people smile, give a simple hello, and then begin growing a friendship. I have been humbled by who have put their faith and trust in me. I have met so many new faces as well. Each day is a new opportunity to serve our community and improve the lives of the citizens in our area. I feel dentistry is a gift from God and I hope to use it for His glory in all I do. My approach to treatment is a 'team' approach. I strive to educate each person on his or her oral health and come to a treatment decision together. Teamwork begins at the first visit and continues as the patient leaves for home care. I pride myself in being a 'gentle' dentist with the patient's comfort as top priority. I enjoy all areas of dentistry and feel that providing complete and comprehensive treatment for each patient from start to finish is an essential part of our practice. We believe that God does the healing, we are just instruments along the way. I feel that our office has a higher calling. We were placed in the position we are to further His kingdom and to enhance the lives of those around us. I began doing mission work when I was 15. During my first trip to Nicaragua, I was placed in the dental clinic and thus began my love for dentistry. I then attended 3 more trips to Central America before embarking on my college career and knew I was meant to one day become a dentist myself. I recently returned to Nicaragua for my 15th year and feel that God has brought me full circle, from a young teen assistant, and now a dentist serving just the same. If you are looking for a new dentist, please stop by. I will treat you with great respect and care along our journey together. God Bless.